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2016 Juke-R 2.0 (600 HP) High Speed Test Drive at Silverstone

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The new Nissan Juke-R 2.0 has been injected with further levels of GT-R testosterone to now reach 600 horsepower. Still sporting the iconic ‘R' matt black, the Juke-R 2.0 is an even more muscular, bolder and powerful version of its predecessor.
Front bumper; heavily redesigned both aesthetically and functionally. The cooling apertures in the front bumper are increased in size by over 100% due to increased engine cooling demand as the vehicle now runs with an uprated 600bhp engine. The bumper is manufactured from 100% carbon fibre.
Rear bumper; manufactured entirely from carbon fibre, but incorporates a visual carbon diffuser. The bumper will have new exhaust cowlings; these are manufactured from high temperature carbon
The rear winglets are now of a one piece carbon fibre design with a visual carbon finish.
The front fenders are new shape MY2015 Juke and from standard steel.
The front and rear fender wheel arch flares are new carbon pieces blended in to the bumper and sill designs.
The side sills are a tweaked aesthetic design, manufactured from carbon fibre.
The front headlights, upper and lower, are from the new MY2015 Juke
The tail-lights are also from the MY2015 Juke.
The bonnet is from the new MY2015 Juke and has integrated bare carbon engine cooling ducts - these are slightly repositioned from the previous Juke-R to further improve engine and turbo cooling.
The Juke-R 2.0 uses the newer design GT-R wheels rather than the previous version.
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