30 Essential Korean Verbs For Daily Routine


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We’ve picked 30 of the most commonly used essential Korean verbs for daily routine!

0:19 자다 to sleep
0:31 일어나다 to wake up, to get up
0:46 켜다 to turn on
0:58 끄다 to turn off
1:10 샤워하다 to take a shower
1:45 세수하다 to wash one’s face
1:58 양치하다 to brush one’s teeth
2:11 면도하다 to shave
2:25 안경을 쓰다 to wear one’s glasses
2:42 옷을 입다 to wear clothes, to put on clothes
2:58 옷을 갈아입다 to get changed
3:12 화장을 하다 to wear makeup
3:29 요리하다 to cook
3:41 먹다 to eat
3:53 마시다 to drink
4:07 설거지하다 to wash the dishes
4:21 청소하다 to clean
4:35 빨래하다 to do the laundry
4:48 전화하다 to call
5:02 문자를 보내요 to send a text message
5:17 가다 to go
5:29 수업을 듣다 to take a class
5:47 일을 하다 to work
6:00 인터넷(을) 하다 to surf the Internet, to browse the Internet
6:20 음악을 듣다 to listen to music
6:35 책을 읽다 to read a book
6:49 버스를 타다 to take a bus
7:06 운동하다 to work out
7:20 만나다 to meet
7:32 포스팅하다 to post something online

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