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CityNoise - 잠시 쉬었다 갈래? (Just rest) MV

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CityNoise - 잠시 쉬었다 갈래? (Just rest) MV 입니다.

코로나로 갑작스럽게 모든 것이 멈춘 현실에 좌절하고 아파했을 모든 이에게 바칩니다.
이 노래가 조금이라도 여러분께 힘이 되어 드리기를 간절히 바랍니다.

I dedicate this song to everyone who would have been frustrated and hurt by the world that everything suddenly stopped due to Covid-19
I sincerely hope that this song will help you.


Vocals by Citynoise
Chorus by Citynoise
Guitar&bass by Citynoise
Piano by Citynoise
Synth by Citynoise
Drum&percussion by Citynoise
Lyrics by Citynoise
Composed by Citynoise
Arranged by Citynoise
Mixed by Citynoise
Mastered by kwonnamwoo @821 sound
Album jacket shot by D.whale(박준우)
Album jacket designed by sangwoo cho
Music Video Director D.whale(박준우)
환대 - Entertainment
K-CULTURE korean Music MV Music Video K-Pop Kpop 뮤, Stone Music Entertainment, CityNoise
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