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Describe This Picture: Hands in Your Pockets


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In how many ways can you describe this photo? You can find the key sentences and translations for this video below:
Key Sentences
한 남자가 주머니에 두 손을 넣고 걷고 있어요.
= A man is walking with his two hands in his pockets.
사진 한가운데에 소화전이 하나 보여요.
= In the middle of the picture, you see a fire hydrant.
하늘에 구름이 넓고 얇게 끼어 있어요.
= The sky is covered with thin and wide clouds.
건물의 창문이 다 같은 모양으로 생겼어요.
= The windows on the building are all in the same shape.
기와는 검은색이고, 그 아래 부분 벽은 주황색으로 칠해져 있어요.
= The roof tiles are black, and the walls beneath them are painted orange.
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