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Food Court Lunch in Bangkok - Silom Soi 10 (ศูนย์อาหาร สีลม ซอย 10)

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Silom Soi 10 is a great place to have an office style Thai street food lunch when you're in Bangkok. Visit my blog here:

Silom (สีลม) is one of the major office business centers of Bangkok; It's an area where thousands of people come to work each day in the countless sky rise office buildings in the area. There are many businesses and office headquarters in Silom. But the part that I'm most excited about, is not the shopping or the offices themselves, but lunch. Since there are so many people that work in Silom (สีลม) each day, that means that during the lunch rush hour, everyone is looking for some Thai street food to eat. Lining the streets in Silom during lunch, you'll find all sorts of different restaurants and street food stalls. On this particular day, during this video, I went to a food court, at the end of Silom Soi 10 (ศูนย์อาหาร สีลม ซอย 10), I think it was called just Silom Soi 10 food court (ศูนย์อาหาร สีลม ซอย 10).

It's almost unbelievable how many options of things you have to eat at this food court in Bangkok, it's like a gymnasium filled with all things Thai food. The good news is, you can walk around, and try to decided what to order, and the prices are quite affordable too. You'll find all sorts of different Thai noodles, both soup and fried, then all sorts of stir fried dishes, plus one of my personal favorites of khao gaeng, or rice and curry. But after making a few rounds around the Silom Soi 10 food court (ศูนย์อาหาร สีลม ซอย 10), I decided to go for a famous stall that was serving a dish known as ba mee moo daeng giew nam (บะหมี่หมูแดง เกี๊ยวน้ำ), Thai style yellow egg noodles with dumplings. You can either order this dish with soup inside your noodles, or you can choose to order the soup on the side. I ordered the soup on the side, which is normally the way I prefer it.

The egg noodles were nice and fresh, and then blanched so they were cooked, but still a little chewy. They came with a few small vegetables on top, and some slices of red barbecue pork on top. The ba mee moo daeng (บะหมี่หมูแดง) was mostly seasoned with toasted garlic, and just a few other light seasonings. Once I ordered my bowl, I then added in some extra seasoning to my specific liking, including some chili vinegar, and chili flakes to give it an extra boost of flavor. Both the noodles and soup were very tasty, and I especially enjoyed the dumplings. It was a nice light meal, and it cost 40 THB, which is a pretty good value for money.

If you're looking for a great Thai food court in Bangkok, where you can taste a variety of different Thai dishes, Silom Soi 10 food court (ศูนย์อาหาร สีลม ซอย 10) is a pretty cool option during the business office lunchtime rush.

How to get there: This food court in Silom (สีลม) is located just a short walk from Chong Nonsi BTS station (although you can also walk there from Sala Daeng). Just walk to Silom Soi 10, go into the street, navigate your way through the market, and you'll see the food court. The food court is mostly open for lunch on weekdays.

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