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Happy Together I 해피투게더 - Wanna One, Davichi, Highlight, Kan Miyoun, Chae Rina etc. [ENG/2018.03.29]

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[Happy Together/2018.03.29]
▶ Happy Together Ep.531 | 해피투게더 (채리나, 성대현, 한현남, 간미연, 고재근,소찬휘, 워너원, 다비치, 하이라이트)
[Part.1 Thursday Night Music Show]
This episode of Happy Together is titled, ‘Thursday Night Music Show’. Five celebrities who have swept over the 90s are gathered to have a real talk. You can hear the stories behind Rina and Hyeonnam’s love and hate relationship as well as Miyoun’s haters’ stories that were even covered by the news.
[Part. 2 Winner Singer Special Part 1]
This episode of Happy Together is titled, 'Winner Singer Special Part 1'. Four different groups of musicians that have won first place on the show have gathered again to become the winner of "Sing My Song". They must win in order to go home first. Each team keeps each other in check and shows confidence from the beginning.
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