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Hong Kong Stories - The Quest For Quality (English Version):The Possibilities of Latrines

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Everybody needs to go to the toilet. We may not always talk about the experience of using public toilets, but in fact we have a quest for quality deep in our hearts.

Different people have different concerns about the quality of toilets. Two “post-90s” youngsters were born with poor stomach health, so they pay particular attention to the cleanliness of public toilets. They have even founded a webpage to compare the hygiene conditions of different toilets, and remind users that to show their own quality and civic virtues when using toilets is the key to maintaining the hygiene of public toilets. Sociological scholar CHONG Yuk-sik searched for the origin of public toilets in Hong Kong and found that public toilets were mostly set up by merchants more than a century ago, while the enhancement of the hygiene quality of streets was due to economic incentives. Nowadays, architectural designers of public toilets have to rack their brains, hoping to improve the quality of public toilets. A small toilet can also be an important factor to upgrade a city’s taste.

To have a happy and carefree toilet experience, quality, virtues and taste are all indispensable.
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