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I met an African Man who can speak Fluent Korean!!!

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Hello everyone, this is Korean Unnie who makes learning Korean Fun & Easy! I started my Youtube channel when I was a University Student because I was studying abroad in America and came across many people around the globe who was interested in Korean language and the country itself, South Korea. So I made this channel 'Korean Unnie' as I wanted to be the next door Korean Unnie to all of you who have subscribed! By the way to whom doesn't know, 'Unnie' means sister in Korean. To be specific, 'older sister' and it is a term used by girls to be specific. Well now it became like a pronoun and 'Korean Unnie' refers to me, Sohyun Moon! I am really glad that I was able to make this progress along the Youtube journey so I am able to reach more and more of you!

I uploaded a variety of content related to learning Korean and about Korea from learning Korean Alphabets, learning Korean through K POP, learning Korean Slangs, Proverbs, Idioms, Sino-Korean Words (Hanja), situational Must-Know phrases, real-life based must-know phrases, Korean grammar patters... and so much more!

I wish I can continue to deliver fun & easy content for you guys with more various content in creative ways, and as I go on, my work will be more systemized and organized. I plan to grow the Korean Unnie brand and publish e-books, create merches, and many more.

Thank you for subscribing, #dongdongsquad!
(P.S. Dongdongsquad is what I call my subscribers. I named it after Dongsaeng, which means 'younger siblings' in Korean. Since I call myself 'Korean Unnie;)' By the way, I have a dog named Dongdong too. But guess what, I named my dog after you guys.

SEE YA, #dongdongsquad!
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