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KOREAN RICE BALLS (Jumeokbap) ft Dried Seaweed & Black Garlic

We're back with another easy Korean recipe! Today we make Jumeokbap (주먹밥), Korean rice balls. Jumeokbap are great for roadtrips and snacking. "Jumeok" means fist and "bap" means rice. Together, the literal translation of jumeokbap is "fist rice" because these rice balls were originally molded into the size of your fist. But you can make smaller balls instead for kids and for your convenience :) Watch the video to learn how to make 3 kinds of Korean rice balls! All three happen to be vegan & vegetarian, but you can add tuna, beef or stir-fried kimchi as well. The first recipe: Seaweed Rice Balls with Sesame Seeds. The second recipe: Vegetable Rice Balls with carrot and onion. The third recipe is vegan AND experimental. We use quinoa, black garlic, and even nut butter. Have fun cooking and may you enjoy all the edible art you create ❤️

The written recipe on my website: (link coming later today)

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