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Korean Spicy Soybean Sprout Bulgogi (콩불고기, KongBulGoGi) | Aeri's Kitchen

Hi Aeri's Kitchen friends,
Do you love Korean the BBQ Bulgogi? What if you could enjoy bulgogi with an extra spicy flavor and crunchy texture? That sounds wonderful, doesn't it? So, today I want to show you a spicy version of Bulgogi. Since it is a mixture of soybean sprouts (KongNaMul) and spicy bulgogi, we call this "KongNaMul BulGoGi" (콩나물 불고기) in Korean, or "Kong BulGoGi" (콩불고기) for short. I recommend this recipe, which is easy to make and also very delicious. At the end of the video, there is a cute taste testing session, so don't miss it.
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