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NEW 2021 Mercedes S-CLASS – Safety Features | World-First Airbag For Rear-Seat Passengers

The new 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class has become more intelligent in many areas, and the driving experience reaches new heights.

The digital innovations in e.g. MBUX include new features that make driving even more enjoyable and even safer: among them are rear-axle steering with a large steering angle and safety innovations such as the rear airbag. Furthermore – as a new function of PRE-SAFE Impulse Side – the vehicle body can be raised just before a side impact thanks to the active E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL suspension. Following systematic further development, the driving assistance systems are a further step towards autonomous driving. Thanks to improved environmental sensors, for example, the parking systems give the driver even better support when manoeuvring at low speed. While visualisation reaches new levels by virtue of integration into the intuitive operation of MBUX.

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