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[Simply K-Pop] OnlyOneOf(온리원오브) - angel + designe ★Simply's Spotlight★ _ Ep.419

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OnlyOneOf ‘angel (Prod. GRAY)’
Produced by GRAY, “angel” is a trendy song with a simple melody that connects the good and bad series from “savanna” and “sage”.

OnlyOneOf ‘designer (Prod. BOYCOLD)’
Storytelling idols OnlyOneOf returned with their new album “Produced by [ ] Part 1” in time for their 1st anniversary. Produced by BOYCOLD, “designer” is a continuation of “picassO” and “dOra maar” with OnlyOneOf’s signature art pop style.

온리원오브 ‘angel (Prod. GRAY)’
‘Angel’은 히트곡메이커 GRAY가 프로듀싱한 곡으로 듣기 쉬운 멜로디와 트레디함이 특징이며 ‘savanna’와 ‘sage/구원’을 잇는 선과 악 시리즈 곡이다.

온리원오브 ‘designer (Prod. BOYCOLD)’
스토리텔링돌 온리원오브가 데뷔 1주년과 함께 새 앨범 ‘Produced by [ ] Part 1’으로 컴백했다. ‘designer’는 BOYCOLD가 프로듀싱한 곡으로 ‘picassO’와 ‘dOra maar’의 확장판으로서 온리원오브의 시그니처인 art pop을 구현하고자 했다.

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