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[MV] In The Moon _ Christmas Rain (love me tonight)

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[MV] In The Moon _ Christmas Rain (love me tonight)
*English subtitles are now available. :D
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HowL says,
The story started at the pub between us in the fall, 2015.
The song we made and sang together after 9 years from "Perhaps Love" which was released in 2006.
This is the first song which we didn't care how others would think and get much stress while working.
Although it is not a typical Christmas carol, we wanted to sing the mood of winter in our own way.
I hope you could feel our joy while making the song as well.
Park Geun-Chul says,
While we have been friends for a long time, "Perhaps Love" was the first and the last song I gave him as a singer.
I am so flattered to make a team with a precious singer singing one of my few hit songs and to sing a song that fits our emotions for you.
I will do my best to make good songs and hope to see you often.
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2006年「Perhaps Love」以来、9年ぶりに一緒に作って歌う曲。
長年の友人ですが、歌手として曲をあげたのは9年前の「Perhaps Love」が最初で最後でした。
하울 曰,
2015년 가을, 저희 둘이 맥주집에서 시작된 얘기입니다.
2006년 " Perhaps Love " 이후 9년만에 같이 만들고 부르는 노래.
다른 사람들 눈치 안보고, 작업하면서 스트레스 없이 만든 첫 번째 노래인 것 같아요.
전형적인 캐롤 송은 아니지만, 저희 방식대로 겨울 느낌을 말하고 싶었습니다.
여러분들도 즐겁게 만든 저희 마음을 조금이라도 느끼셨으면 좋겠어요.
박근철 曰,
오랜 시간 친구로 지내면서 가수로서 곡을 준건 9년전 " Perhaps Love "가 처음이자 마지막이었어요.
제 몇 안 되는 히트곡을 불러줬던 고마운 가수에서 이제 함께 팀을 이뤄 다른 이의 의뢰가 아닌, 저희의 감성에 맞는 음악을 여러분께 들려 드리게 되어 너무 설레입니다.
앞으로도 열심히 좋은 음악 만들어 자주 찾아 뵙겠습니다.
뮤직 비디오 - Song
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